Friday, January 31, 2014

Charcoal figure studies

These are the charcoal studies done in my forth trimester.

Study of Rebecca, Charcaol on canson paper. 5 weeks pose.

Charcaol on canson paper. 5 weeks pose.

In the figure drawing studio:


Some of the portraits that I did in color during my fourth trimester. 
It is not a part of the art program here, but I always wanted to learn to paint the portraits so I am trying to apply whatever I have learnt over the course here.

Sight size method

So the next step after you complete first three Bargue drawings, is to do "Charcoal cast drawings"
This is done using "Sight size method"on a canson sheet using different grades of charcoal sticks.
It really helped me in training my eyes to see the values and planes. 
The drawing board had to be placed next to the cast and I had to accurately render the drawing with the values that I see on the cast. It is completely different from the Bargue plates, but for this, one has to understand and analyze what you see and what you draw, to create an illusion of a 3D form on paper.

Here is my first charcoal cast:

My second charcoal cast:

The cast(on the right) with my charcoal study(on left)

Charcoal studies on tinted paper

When we started with life studies at the academy, in the first and second trimester, we drew the figure with graphite. Then in the third trimester, we were introduced to charcoal. A new medium to work with. All the mediums have its own challenges and it took me a while to get used to it. In the academy, there's a process to learn the techniques and handling of different mediums. The complexity of a medium is gradually increased in order to prepare you for the charcoal cast studies.
These are some of the works from my third trimester. Figure study on a tinted sheet of canson paper, using charcoal stick and white pencil for the highlights.
The color of the paper is sepia, which mainly serves as the halftone and we need to carefully work out the shadow shapes and the highlights to create an illusion of form.

Figure Drawings

When i was doing our Bargue drawings, i was also doing figure studies in the afternoon .Some poses were for one hours or half an hour and  maximum three hours. Gesture and knowledge of anatomy is the most important thing in drawing.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bargue Drawings

Bargue Drawings

I came to Florence,Italy in september 2013 .I didn't knew anything about classical atelier .I just saw some paintings by Richard schmid and got fascinated by his body of works.
The first day of our academy was a bit challenging for me ,as i was really nervous and confused also.After a brief introduction ,slowly and slowly,i got confidence and finally i came to know about Bargue drawings.

After finishing my first Bargue drawing ,i did two more ,which was quite challenging for me.Whoever wants do Bargue please take as much time as you want. Please don't rush.

Second bargue drawing which i did of horse took  8 weeks and third bargue took  11 weeks respectively.